SIDS of Illinois, Inc.

Clifford C. Pazik

1/16/90 - 10/26/90





David S. Kenney

12/17/84 - 7/11/85

Nicholas Videka

11/5/1990 - 3/20/1991

Michael "Mikey" David Keene

2/5/13 - 1/5/14

Matthew Sopczak

10/12/1999 - 2/14/2000


Mommy, I'll always love you

Although our time was fast.

Tell me how you love me

Take a moment in the past.

Heart to Heart, we'll never part,

Eternal Love will see us through,

When I see you are in need of it,


I'll send my love to you.








Julia Whelan

8/29/2004 - 11/11/2004

Stella Rose Sanew

7/13/2013 - 9/4/2013

Sofia Esperanza Sauceda


4/25/2014 - 5/29/2014



 "We knew little that morning God was going to call your name,
In life we loved you dearly, In death we do the same.
It broke our hearts to lose you,
You did not go alone,
For part of us is with you,
The day God called you home.
You left us beautiful memories,
Your love is still with us,
And although we cannot see you, You are always by our side.
Our family chain is broken,
And nothing will ever be the same,
But as for God calls us one by one,
Our chain will link again."

We love you dearly Princess and miss you everyday.  


09/24/12 - 11/27/13

Jaxon Edward Etscheid

5/26/2010 - 9/30/2010


Annabella Rose Mary Agostino

6-19-06 / 10-18-06

Boe Allyn Adams


12-23-07 / 4-27-08

Matthew Douglas Smith

  1-20-02 / 1-23-02

Brandon McSheridan

07/29/1993 - 01/05/1994

Bryan Mutka

02/01/2011 - 04/14/2011






Hailey Madison Smith

10/26/2008 - 04/21/2009

Aiden Fourte

12/16/2012 - 04/27/2013

Makayla Rose Smith


Erykah Love

06/03/2013 - 06/09/2013

Keelan Edens


01/03/2013 - 02/05/2013

Cody James Gray



09/07/1997 - 12/10/1997







Blake Ayala


7/17/2013 - 1/12/2014


"If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever." -Winnie the Pooh



Love you FOREVER.
Miss you ALWAYS.
Oh... my sweet sweet lil man. You were quite special. You touched & bettered SO many people! I am an honored that God chose me to give birth to an Angel.



The moment that you died

my heart was torn in two,

one side filled with heartache,

the other died with you.


I often lie awake at night,

when the world is fast asleep, and

take a walk down memory lane,

with tears upon my cheeks.


Remembering you is easy,

I do it everyday,

but missing you is heartache

that never goes away.


I hold you tightly within my heart

and there you will remain.

Until the joyous day arrives,

that we will meet again.
















Leslie Marie Aguilar Garcia



We little knew that morning,

God was going to call your name,

In life we loved you dearly,

In death we do the same.

It broke our hearts to lose you.

You did not go alone.

For part of us went with you,

The day God called you home.

You left us beautiful memories,

Your love is still our guide,

And though we cannot see you,

You are always by our side.

Our family chain is broken.

And nothing seems the same,

But as God calls us one by one,

Then chain will link again.

Sierra Grace Gonzales



6/7/12- 11/8/12



My eyes start to swell, 
I'm not doing so well.
As today is just a reminder that I can no longer hold you.
I told you, we'd play.
But that day never came
for you passed away.
My mind goes empty when I think of you,
protecting me from this pain.
The only thing I've gained, was strength. 
But no length of time can ever heal me.
I kneel at the end of my bed.
hoping you will hear me.
A mothers love never dies.
I pray you don't hear me cry.
May the beats of my heart, 
fly away into your arms.
Everyday feels like a heavy start
I miss my morning smile,
my evening giggle,
my night time snuggle.
Trying to hold on strong.
Sometimes it feels like this is taking too long.
I wonder if you watch over us, 
I hope you do, because its hard living without you.
mommy misses you. I love you Sierra.



This is Sierra,  She is my second child. My first is now 4 years old. Her name is Sarah. Some asked why we named our second child Sierra. I say it's because her daddy picked it out. He says so he would only have to call one name and they both would come running. But from the moment I saw her I knew the name fit just right. The day she was born was a magical day. That's the day I found out who my true family was. There were people who cried when you were born. We welcomed you into this world. From that moment , I grew very attached to you. Maybe because you were a needy baby. But every time I held you, you'd grab my finger and you'd calm down. I love your sister Sarah. But she was an independent baby. But you and me, Sierra. We needed each other. 

You would watch me and giggle with me when I'd dance. And you made me feel wonderful. You were so smart. You learn to crawl at three months. And the face expressions you'd did are unforgettable.  I'll never forget the last picture we took of you. You were laying on the bed with me and I was looking for a movie on the laptop, you were behind me, kicking me! So I thought. Until your daddy came in and said "oh my god, she's sitting up on her own!" He took a picture and you smiled big, right before you fell over! Ha. That was a day before you passed. I can go through over and over of something I could of done. Like the day you passed, November 8, 2012. It was the second night you spent in your room alone. Or if when I came to check on you and I saw you move, if I would have picked you up and hugged you. Instead of sneaking out so I wouldn't wake you. But nothing I do or say could change the fact that you're gone. But your name lives on, your smile is starting to spread.  Your story is being told more and more. I hope you greet every little angel that enters heaven. Your passing wasn't in vain. We've made the most out of it. And I feel you on my shoulder.  I'm trying to show people that even at 5months old, babies can pass away from SIDS. I'm trying to spread the word. And with your smile Sierra, I'm doing it. And with the help of SIDS of Illinois, inc. We are spreading awareness. You are very much missed baby girl. Forever, my lil miss ally.. Alligator . 




Stephan Baldwin

7/15/2003  -  7/23/2003

William Woll-Creed

 7/19/2010  -  2/14/2011


Yamari Brooks

11/29/2008  -  2/13/2009


Stephanie Marie Martin

  5/26/1974  -  9/12/1974


Paloma Solares

1/31/2002  -  2/6/2002


Olivia Maria Schultz

  2/12/2003  -  5/27/2003


Lymari Torres



Mason Matthew Werner

2/5/2010  -  5/28/2010

Marcelo A. Delarosa

5/18/2009  -  10/23/2009


Lucas Hedberg

7/20/2006  -  8/5/2006


Makayla Rose Smith

8/10/2006  -  12/13/2006


Lily McIntyre

11/2/2009  -  1/17/2010

Julian Almanza


Joshua Jones

8/27/2002 - 11/16/2002


Jacqueline Ann Peters

8/4/88 – 10/4/88


Elijah Augustyn


Ethan Williams



Gianna Nicole Lantini

2/7/2011 – 7/21/2011


Evelyn Longeville



Fernando Aguilera

8/30/2000 – 11/26/2003


Hayden Lloyd Scott


Brody Gordon Schuett


Chris McGhee



Aden Michael Lamps

8/21/2012 - 1/18/2013

Alejandro Franco


Alexis Ann Cox

6/2/2000- 10/4/2000



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